Pre PR Reflection

I am currently a sophomore attending Grand Valley State University in Allendale Michigan. Last year I began pursuing an engineering degree at Grand Valley but this year I decided that was not the best area of study for me. This year I decided to major in Advertising and Public Relations with an emphasis in Advertising and a minor in Business; I could not be happier with the decision I have made. With this technically being my first year with this major, I do not know a lot about what public relations involves. I am curious to begin my education on all that public relations entails.

In my opinion, the definition of public relations consists of getting to know the public so that you and your brand can relate to them on a better level. I am interested to look at the different ways companies do this relating so that they can be certain their target market will want to buy their product. I am also curious to see how public relations and advertising are related to each other. I have a general idea of how advertising and public relations coincide with one another, but I am hoping that with the help of this class I will know more. I have already taken the introduction to advertising classes so I have more information on that topic. Now I am looking forward to learning more about the public relations side.

So far I have not learned a lot about the PR side of my major. I have learned research techniques and programs to create different types of advertisements, but as far as public relations goes, this is my first class that has focused entirely on it. I am curious to know if the techniques that I learned about advertising last semester will be helpful this semester.

I know that advertising consists of designing ads that appeal to the companies target market. While on the other hand those that work for public relations do more writing than designing. They could be writing press releases, writing blogs on their client, or helping companies fix their image if something has happened to damage their reputation, this is the part that I am interested in the most. I am curious to know more about what a PR agent will do to help a company with damage control. Growing up in the generation where technology is so dominant and nothing goes undocumented, learning how an agent can control a company’s image and/or improve on it is enticing.

My dream job with this major is to own my own advertising agency. Knowing more about how to manipulate a company’s image and improve on it could prove to be really helpful if and when I reach my long-term goal. I am confident that the real world experiences we will go through in this class will benefit me in the long run and help me in the classes I have in the years to come at Grand Valley State University.


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