Networking Part 2



Chriss, O. J. (Photographer). (2015). Networking Part 2. [Photograph].Grand Rapids, MI.

Okay guys, this is my last post until my final exam. This is my second networking adventure that I went on. I met with a couple people from Stevens Advertising to get some more information on the type of jobs that are available for students with my major. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with this blog, I am an Advertising and Public Relations major with a minor in Business.

The first girl that I met with was Katie Milbourne. She is the Digital Project Manager at Stevens Advertising which involves her making websites for the wide range of clients the company has. She showed me the steps that she goes through in making this websites and even had a couple before and after pictures of the companies she has helped thus far. This was really interesting to see because looking at the differences in the before and afters was really cool. It is intriguing to see the type of things she is able to do with the information the companies give her. The next thing that she was able to do was show me the steps she goes through to make each cite. As she was going through it, I kept thinking how long of a process it is, but she assured me that it is really rewarding to see the clients reaction when they see their new and improved website.

The second person from Stevens Advertising that I got the chance to talk to was Megan Williams. She is the Project Manager at Stevens Advertising and the way that she described her job was the same as Katie’s except for on paper. She handles more of the print advertising for the clients and she even showed me one of the magazines that she helped design for one of their clients. She gave me one piece of advice before I left the building and that was to do as many internships as I can and get the most exposure and experience before I graduate so that I am able to hit the ground running when the time comes for me to graduate and head out into the “real world.”

I really liked meeting with both of these girls and I loved getting to see a side of an advertising agency that most people don’t normally get to know.


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