Keep or Delete the Blog

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Herbert, W. (2012, May). Imaging the Future Invokes Your Memory. In Scientific American. Retrieved from

As I mentioned in my introduction for this website, this blog was for an assignment for my CAP 105 class at Grand Valley State University. There are only a couple weeks left of this class and as the class comes to a close the choice is mine on whether or not I want to continue posting to this blog. As of right now I have every intention to continue posting my work on this website. I believe that by keeping this website I will have easy access to works that I have previously completed and I could possibly use this as a way for future employers to see what I can do.

If I were to delete this website I will loose these posts and my employers will not have previous copies of my work to reference. The assignments for this class have given me the chance to become familiar with programs I never even knew existed. By posting the pictures of my work on this cite, I have proof to show my future employers that I am familiar with some of the Adobe software programs. During this class I have used Photoshop, Final Cut, and InDesign. I have also learned how to make a nameplate and infograms.


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