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Chriss, O. J. (2015, November 3). Report Card. In Brand Yourself. Retrieved November 3, 2015, from

For this assignment we were told to create an account for the website BrandYourself. Once we selected that we wanted to create an account, we were instructed to enter in our name for the website to search for all of the internet results that contain our name. I then looked through all of the search results and identified whether they were positive results that I want people to know about, negative results that I don’t want people to know about, or not about me at all. I am then given my “report card” which is the image that I have provided above. The grade is found by calculating all of the results that the website was able to find that used my name, Olivia Chriss.

The second part of this assignment was to complete at least three of the recommendations the site gives to change our rankings. The recommendations that I followed to increase my ranking included adding my location on my Facebook page, adding my Brand Yourself account as a way to contact me from my LinkedIn page, and I added a picture of myself to my LinkedIn profile so that those looking for me know that it is my account.

Doing all three of these things, and a few more, I have boosted the number of points each of my accounts has and hopefully this will make them some of the top results when someone is looking for me through Google. I can’t wait to see how my grade changes over the next few weeks.

The last part of this assignment was to comment on two of our classmates Brand Yourself posts. The two links that I have provided below are for their websites. Check them out!


9 thoughts on “Brand Yourself

  1. Nice! I got an F for my search score. I opted not to bump up my Facebook results as I feel employers get to see so much of your life, I might as well try to keep my Facebook more for me. Very cool that you got a B- for results though!


  2. Great explanation of the assignment. I got an A- on my “report card” and I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing the stuff that’s out there about you that you didn’t even know existed!


  3. Great description on how you used the recommendations for your site. I got an A+ on my “report card” so I didn’t really have recommendations so great way on utilizing those tasks!


  4. You got a way better score then me! I originally got an F, my score didn’t improve that significantly but I made a lot of the same recommended changes, good job!


  5. Nice job. Everything was explained very well and the changes you made seemed like they will help you a lot in the long run. I will be curious to see what your new grade is in a few weeks after doing those.


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