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Ching, A. (2015). In Piktochart. Retrieved October 20, 2015, from

Chriss, O. J. (Artist). (2015). Content. [Image of painting]. Grand Valley State University.

For this assignment we were to use either or to create our own infographic. I chose to use Piktochart, which is the first source that I cited above. We were told to choose a topic that has to do with social media and explain how it is created, how it is shared, and what outlets are used to do so. I chose to explain the content that is put on social media as a whole instead of just one specific piece of social media, like a hashtag. The picture that is included above is a screenshot of my personal infographic.

An infographic is a visual presentation that is used to represent information. They are eye-catching and keep the readers interested. In my opinion they can be much more effected because the images tend to make a lasting impression on the readers so they have a better chance of retaining the information that is included. Most of the time infographics use a combination of statistics, images, and short phrases to get their message across.

For the last part of this assignment we were to comment on two of our classmates Infographic posts. The two links that I have below are for their blogs. Check them out for more awesome infographics!!

I am confident that I will use this website in the future to make other eye-catching documents.


11 thoughts on “Infographic

  1. I loved the colors that you picked out for your inforgraphic, and I also really liked how you set everything up and that you were straight to the point. Everything was very clear to the reader and brought attention to the right point. Good Job!!


  2. I really like the simplicity of your infographic! I think you did an awesome job making it readable and easy for readers to understand. Great job!


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