Chriss, O. J. (Photographer). (2015). Photoshop. [Photograph]. Grand Rapids, MI.

For this assignment we were to show that we were familiar with the program Photoshop. In order to do this we were to take a picture, upload it to the program, add or remove an element, and then add a filter to the picture. The picture that I chose to use was one that I took while I was just outside of downtown Grand Rapids. The picture on the left is my before picture and the one on the right is my after picture.

The item that I removed in the picture was the sky. I erased the sky in my original picture so that the background is simply white. I then added a black and white filter to the image. I am very pleased with my after picture. I think the edits I put on the image gave the picture a dark feeling. I have never used photoshop before and being able to see how I can change a picture into something new is very interesting to me.

I am confident that I will use photoshop more in the future whether its in my personal or professional life.


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