Final Cut

Chriss, O. J. (Producer). D.A.N.C.E [Motion picture]. I do not own the music used in this video. Chriss, O. J. (Artist). (2015). D.A.N.C.E Storyboard. [Painting]. Shelby Twp, MI. The first part of the assignment was to show that we are familiar with the program Final Cut Pro. To do this I took videos of some of my friends dancing. In … More Final Cut

Technology in Careers

The purpose of this assignment was for us to get a better understanding of how important technological skills are in careers. We were to use,,, or any other website that companies post job openings on to look for jobs that we are interested in. The website that I used was Once on the website I typed … More Technology in Careers


I have started this blog as a way to turn in all of my assignments for one of my classes. I hope you enjoy what I have created 🙂